Parenthood rocks!!! [Right?]

12227773_472150226289732_2780747184179284708_nIt’s all fun and games until they ACTUALLY break you. And you find yourself Sunday at 6am throwing the tiny dictators in the stroller, half dressed, un-fed, and walking to the nearest coffee shop [first customer.] to get some of that black CRACK into you– so that you can attempt to function like an acceptable member of society– while the kids are BREAKING.YOUR.BRAIN with their incessant chatter/demands/tantrums and general wails of noise “MAMI LOOK AT THIS!” No. It’s 5.45am. I don’t want to. I want you to play quietly. Eat your cereal. Or the table. I don’t care. I’m suppose to be sunbathing in the Greek Islands. #agendanewyork #nyc #momlife

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