April is Autism Awareness Month

The Empire State Bldg lit up blue on April 2nd with a puzzle piece in the mast to honor @autismspeaks and World #AutismAwareness Day, a global initiative to spread awareness for autism spectrum disorders using the color blue. #LIUB

It’s autism awareness month! As autism is something close to my heart, I want to help spread awareness. There are still many people with misconceptions, and many people who do not know what it entails.

People with autism are not broken and they are not less than anyone else, they simply see and feel things differently.


Did you know?

Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disorder in the U.S. and effects each child differently.  Today 1 in 42 boys are effected by autism.


Take a moment to educate yourself and really become aware and appreciate those battling this condition.

It’s all about awareness… lets teach our children to embrace all kinds of minds.

Lets Light It Up Blue this month! #LIUB







Carla xx

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