Boys … Boys.. Boys….

12187886_471337243037697_4405191604384716588_nYesterday was a Lovely relaxing day. AS PER USUAL. Someone said to me today [as my children were tearing up their room] “Wow you’ve got real BOY boys, haven’t you. I wonder if that’s nature or nurture?” JUST FYI. I DID NOT NURTURE THIS. THIS IS NOT MY FAULT. And also, I can’t IMAGINE my genetics had ANY bearing on this. It’s The Universe’s fault. You see, I put in an order for two lovely quiet girls, who would sing with me and wear tutus. We would read books, wear makeup, braid quietly with classical music in the background. My Instagram would be BEAUTIFUL– we’d make flower crowns, and I’d take photos of them gazing thoughtfully in forests. WHY AM I IN THIS SNOT-FART-POO-BUM-TRUCK FEST?! SURELY this isn’t my fault. Who can I possibly blame for this madness? Why isn’t the moon full? WHERE.IS.YOUR.FATHER! ????#agendanewyork #momlife #nyc

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