I DID IT!!! I finished my first half marathon!!!

1st marathon1Gente I did it!!! I was able to finish the #UnitedNYCHalf  !!! What an amazing experience to race through Times Square with thousands of runners and live bands along the course. I think I might have to do this again next year, but next time I really want to run it! ?. Thank you all for your incredible support and awesome messages!!! Working hard ??to be a #fit mom!!!  

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Why I quit running and trained to walk a half-marathon

carrera1When I tell my friends I am training for Sunday’s NYC Half marathon, they usually admire my efforts and wish me luck.

Then I add I am walking the route from Central Park through Times Square to South Street Seaport on March 20, and I detect a huge drop in their enthusiasm. They don’t say it, but I clearly hear: “Big whoop. I can do that.”

Maybe they can just roll out of bed and walk 13.1 miles, but I doubt it. I couldn’t. With no training, it’s hard on the feet and the psyche.

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12 weeks before my first NYC Half

Holy.$h*t! I Just realized I have exactly 10299087_486032401568181_7753803211740618448_n #Marathon!! Any #tips, training plans are more than welcome!!! I’m a total beginner so even the most basic tips will be appreciated!!!! What worked for you? What phone/training apps did you use? Any accessories that helped you? Any diet plans that worked? … Don’t forget to leave your comments below ??????????Thanks! Peace ?#agendanewyork trying hard to be a #fitmom

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8 tricks to surviving the holidays without gaining weight or being grouchy

12274549_476600802511341_7104506313304358215_nAs the holidays are approaching I need to share this awesome 8 tips by Leslie Turnbull- ( I should use them more often…)

At its most basic level, food is fuel. That’s why so many competitive athletes eat a carefully calculated mix of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates designed to maximize performance.

At the other end of the epicurean spectrum lies the notion of food as exquisite sensual experience and important social construct. One has only to watch Babette’s Feast, the 1987 film based on a story by Isak Dinesen, to understand just how life-changing a wonderful meal, shared with others, can be — even if said meal is loaded with unhealthy fats, sugars, and other products of dubious environmental origin.

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Don’t forget to take care of you!

beuaty1En medio de la locura siempre es importante hacerse un cariñito!! Durante el verano nuestro cabello necesita que lo cuidemos del sol! Yani me esta haciendo un tratamiento de hidratación, que reduce el Frizz y ayuda a que el color de tu cabello sea más vivo!! Estoy súper emocionada Ya quiero Ver los resultados!!!

???? Life is Crazy, but It’s always important to find time to take Care Of yourself!! During the summer is very important to take care of your hair, so today I’m ta liking care of it!!! Yani is having me try a Frizz Reduction, color binding and hydration treatment!! Im so excited can wait to see the results!!! @yahihairstyle341?????

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Yes! You can find time…

workoutJust finished my Sunday Workout video while the kids played legos! Im totally in love with my #TracyAnderson #cardio workout what’s your favorite home workout video? #agendanewyork #nyc #manhattan #latinasennewyork #nyctips #enjoynyc #bestofnyc #spring #salud #belleza #bestcity #centralpark #fun #runner #glow #mujeres #familia #latinas #emprendedoras #profesional #mamá #manhattan #mujer #apoyandotalentos #igersogny #gotham #secretsofnyc #instagramnyc

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Ya están listas para la carrera familiar más divertida del universo?  Sí no te haz registrado… todavía estas a tiempo 10620629_332014106970012_2240751380704264425_ntiempo de usar el código GOTEAM para ahorrarte 5$!! Vamos
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