Visit Newport Rhode Island

Newport, RI
The Breakers Mansion

We recently spent two days in Newport, Rhode Island – to escape the city noise, relax on the beach, visit some vineyards and to attend a fun Polo match.

Newport is truly one of the most beautiful places in America! [no matter what season you go on]. Famous for its stunning shorelines, ocean views, a three-and-a-half mile cliff walk, world-class sailing, and gilded mansions. To me Newport is really an American treasure.

While in Newport we visited…

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Sunny Day at Central Park!!

Happy Saturday from Central Park

Even though it feels like is 104 degrees (40*C)  New Yorkers love their sunny days!

Many people avoid the heat at all cause and decide to stay indoors. Some “Manhattanites” really enjoy going to the beach or ride kayaks on the Hudson and others love rooftops bars.  Then you find “crazy us” whom, on a day like today, we decided to take our bikes out. We felt like venturing into Central Park, enjoy the beautiful green landscapes and explore the city views from its green lawns! I love riding my CitiBike, [ which by the way… one of the best investments I have made this year so far].

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Central Park



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Thank you @statumshopfor this amazing shirt!!!! From Barcelona to New York. The print is soooo gorgeous and the quality is phenomenal!! It is the perfect tshirt for chic busy moms in NYC! Women who are always in a rush, but need beautiful, quality, pieces to look chic and well put together without the hassle! Go visit their shop!!! Their shirts will leave you speechless! #statumshop #agendanewyork#nycblogger #nycmom #nuevayork#fashion #nyc #BCN

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Hello New York we are back!


Hola Nueva York!! Ya estamos de regreso. Estamos listos a seguir explorando y encontrando nuevos y perfectos puntos para disfrutar en familia! ???? Hello New York we are back!!! We are ready to keep exploring and finding cool new spots for the family!

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Homenaje al cumpleaños de Cervantes


Amé ser parte de este proyecto…no se imaginan la gran emoción que sentí al verlo ya publicado!! Felicitaciones a la revista Española El Magacín por el homenaje a Cervantes, les quedo fenomenal!!! Y aplausos a los creadores y a los participantes por esta iniciativa mundial tan especial! ahora lo comparto con el resto del mundo!!


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Agenda New York collaborating with a Spanish Magazine

image1-2Súper emocionada por haber sido invitada a colaborar con la revista Española El Magacín en el #proyectoelmagacin. Este año se cumple el 400 aniversario de la muerte de Miguel de Cervantes, y para celebrarlo me han invitado a participar en un evento mundial para internautas en español. El Magacín a juntado a 33 de personas de todo el planeta para formar la primera frase del Quijote:




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So much to catch up with!!! I am sorry I have not been able to write in weeks and I have so much to tell you … In between working on awesome content for the blog, planning International Night for my kid school, my hubby traveling all over the U.S. for work, participating in workshops, teaching classes, housework and the kids demanding every single inch of me …. I have been totally out of blog commission! So I’m now regrouping…. Happy that the full moon is gone ??… Ready to kick some a$$ next week! #agendanewyork


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Nominated for a Liebster Award!


Yesss!!!! I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!

Wait, what is the Liebster Award? … After doing a little research it turns out that The Liebster Award is an online award given to new bloggers by bloggers who’ve been on the scene for a while. I just launched my blog a couple of  months ago but I’ve been posting on Instagram and creating content since 2014.  I am  excited to be recognized by the blogging community and to have been found (and nominated) by other bloggers that had no idea Agenda New York previously existed.

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