Agenda New York & HelloFears meet!

imageAnd it’s a wrap ?! Just finished an interview with the amazing Michelle Poler the brave girl behind “100 days without fear” and @hellofears. There is nothing more inspiring than meeting Latino ( and Venezuelan ?) women making it happen!! Although we were both dying with allergies we made it (pardon my puffy eyes)!!!

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I love Saturdays!

13001095_528200417351379_9000521569907611224_nI love Saturdays! Saturdays is my day off… Hubby takes the kids to do their boys stuff and I have list of stuff that I want to do… The gym, brunch with friends, reading a book, getting my nails done, visiting my favorite museum, Face Time my best friends and catching up… Even laundry… But instead I’m sitting here, in my silent living-room, sipping tea and feeling nostalgic & missing my boys… And then it hits me … I’ve been waiting for this day, this moment, all week long… Then, I realize this morning I just need some down time for me, from the running around, time off from commitments and kids activities… Time to decompress … Time for just me!! Don’t forget to take some time just for you!!! Happy Saturday everyone!!!

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I love looking back at old pictures but then …

206658_10150154840807645_7136876_n#‎tb‬ Boston 2011 – Niki chillin with his buddies… I love looking back at my old phone pictures. [But] then I realize I  need to get on my “making album” mode.(or at least print them) I am terrified that one day all my photo memory banks will be lost and I wont have anything to look back on … projects, projects, projects…

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1000+ Followers

1k followersWhattttt! Hello lovely new friends!
Super excited to see that we’ve just hit over 1k and that you’ve decided to follow our unique and fun community!
Your support and love means soooo much to me and I just want to thank every single one of you!
With Love x- Carla
?? Ya somos más de 1000 seguidores!!!! Miles de gracias por todo tu apoyo y por creer en este proyecto y comunidad tan cool!!! Sin tí esto no sería posible!!! Graaaciasss!!!?????????
(Photo Credit: @smolinasasha )

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My little taquito ….burrito

burritoThis little Taquito is on weekend mode! Hahahahaha! This weather is killing us!! This poor little guy wants to go to the park and run around but I am not up for it! Itss tooo cold! So nothing beats the good old fashion cartoons while I fold the laundry! I hate folding the laundry! How often do you do yours?!? ?

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The 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies


The 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies You Can Watch With Your Kids!

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Its one of those ironies of life: you spend your childhood wanting to be grown up, and your adult life wistfully wishing you could be a child again. The best movies about childhood capture that nostalgia, that time of wonder and scabby knees, when the world seemed bigger and more full of surprises. From dramas about kids who dared to be different to fantasies about embracing the unknown, here are some fun Thanksgiving films that will remind the whole family how great it was to be a child.

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