Dirty French at Ludlow Hotel NYC

Dirty French
Dirty French

Dirty French es otra joya de Nueva York-  ubicado en el Ludlow Hotel, en mi opinion, uno de los hotels mas cool del bajo Manhattan.

El Hotel Ludlow es conocido por su ambiente bohemio y hipster.  Dirty French tiene origen francés y tiene un cafe latte divino. La comida es super buena, nos encantaron los Blody Marys y ofrece un ambiente increíblemente acogedor. La decoración es una bella mezcla entre Creole y Marroqui. Definitivamente, uno de mis lugares favoritos!

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Keith McNally abre la puertas de su nuevo restaurant Augustine

The Beekman Hotel
The Beekman Hotel

Keith McNally abre la puertas de su nuevo restaurant Augustine en el Hotel Beekman de Nueva York. McNally ha desarrollado una versión más refinada de Pastis para crear Augustine. La decoración es nueva con ese ambiente francés café/panadería. La comida es excelente, con un servicio de 5 estrellas. Los precios de la comida no son extravagantes. La hora de la cena se llena, así que reserve con antelación.  Les recomiendo probar las ostras de roca de sal como aperitivo. ¡Agéndelo!  para tu próxima salida!


The Beekman Hotel presents the new restaurant Augustine by Keith McNally, the same restaurateur from Balthazar. The food is very good and the atmosphere is awesome.


5 Beekman St
New York, NY 10038
Phone number(212) 375-0010



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Subway Therapy

Wall of Love
Union Square Subway Station


Stressed post-election New Yorkers vent on subway notes…

“The sun will still come up and America is still the greatest nation on the Earth.”

– President B. Obama



Matthew Chavez (Levee), a 28 year old, Brooklynite started a movement to help New Yorkers struggling with post-election stress find an outlet for the blues — by pouring their political souls onto sticky notes that fill walls of a Manhattan subway station.

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Halloween in the UES Rocks!

Since we moved to Manhattan we learned that for decades, 78th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues has been the go-to block for Upper East Side trick-or-treating and that what we have been doing for the past 2 years and it has been blast! Happy Halloween everyone!


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TINY CAFE by Zagat


Tiny Cafe

Zagat Tiny Cafe serves up mini foods cooked on teeny stoves…

The Astor Place pop-up, open from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, will feature a selection of local cuisines presented in less-than-bite-sized samples. The cafe is opening to celebrate Zagat’s “2017 New York City Restaurants Guide,” which ranks the top restaurants around the city, and the tiny bites pay homage to Zagat’s short reviews.

At Tiny Cafe we saw “crazy good” tiny versions of some of NYC’s “hottest” dishes. We got previews of Emily’s “smash hit” burger and “out-of-this-world” Luca pizza, the “outrageously good” adobado taco and Jacques Torres’ “famously delish” chocolate chip cookie; the “buzzy” pop-up is open for just three days, so “hit it before it’s gone.”

Foodies lined up for Zagat’s Tiny Cafe serving up miniature versions of some of NYC’s most popular restaurants. Catch a glimpse of the tiny bites for FREE before you head down to the corner of Astor Place and Cooper Square to taste the dishes for yourself. It was a super fun experience! Don’t miss out!

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The bog is back in town, NYC!


The bog is back in town, NYC! Stop by and check out The Cranberry Classroom at RockCenterNYC to celebrate the first days of fall! Meet multi-generational Ocean Spray® cranberry Grower-Owners, learn fun facts about the cranberry—like how many cans of cranberry sauce are consumed during the holidays—and experience the beauty of our cranberry bog!

Learn more at oceanspray.com. ™@oceansprayinc

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