Penpal Idea …

penpalsThanks @natalia.zurcher.kuchen loved the Penpal Idea!! This will be great to help the boys practice and improve their writing skills!!! Can’t wait to read all the fun stories these kids will come up with!! Sooo cute! Does anyone want to join this cute little activity? ?????? Gracias a mi querida amiga Natalia por esta gran idea de “Amiguitos por Correspondencia”. Esto no solo será divertido pero ayudará a los niñitos a mejorar su escritura!! Ya quiero leer todas sus pequeñas y divertidas historias!!! Alguien esta interesado en unirse?

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Dear “Exhausted Mom”….

you are not aloneEarlier today [at the park] as I sat on the bench watching my six year old glide through the monkey bars over and over… a mom came over and sat next to me. All of the sudden, I heard her burst into tears… My reaction was to ask if she was ok?!? She did not answer ( and she hid inside her scarf) I didn’t know what to do! I paused for a second and thought… should I run away?!?! But then… what if she really needed help… so I sat and waited … Then I asked again if I could help or do something?? .. As she came out off under her scarf and with tears in her eyes she asked me if I was a mom? [ I nodded] Her daughter was 2… And she was exhausted! I have not slept in two years, she said…. Will I ever get my body back? She asked … Will I ever be able to hold a normal conversation that is not about playdates and diapers? Will I ever feel sexual again? Sometimes, I secretly wish I could go back to work to my fabulous office! I love my child but I need my adult life back and everyone makes me feel so guilty about it! She said [as she wept] For the first time I just stayed quite and listened… I just wanted to hug her and tell her everything was going to be ok… But then my son fell off the monkey bar and I had to run to him… He was ok… but when I turned back “Exhausted Mom” was gone… So I decided to write her this note…

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Today as I walked by Bryant Park and walked by tons of families, for some reason all I was able to notice was parents bickering with each-other and shifting responsibilities ? While one family was trying to figure out whose turn was to take their toddler to the bathroom and change dippers, another was trying to figure out whose turn was to push the stroller… Another mother was asking the husband to go buy water as he wore his newborn, while pushing the stroller with whFAMILIESISSUEat looked like a 5 year old and she was just standing there giving him orders. I also noticed another family were the husband was just completely oblivious that his wife was about to have a nervous breakdown….with all the kids screaming about something… as he stared into his phone! This goes on in my house all the time too!!! And I am sure in yours too!! The sad part is that it is about important things and silly things too and it creates so much tension!! Unnecessary Tension!! (specially around that time of the month, if you know what I mean?!?!) … Whose turn is to wake up early today? And whose turn to do the dishes?…Why is there so much dust on the TV screen?… Tonight is your turn to read a story!… Today is your turn to take them to the park!… Has anyone figure out a way to set expectations, responsibilities, and how to avoid this madness? Parenthood should not be so complicated!! It should make us stronger!!! Please share the wealth!! #agendanewyork #nycmom #mommybloger #mommyproblems


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Are you a morning person?

T12548983_490758734428881_5662531457476664167_nhese people are so into mornings… By the time they appreciate sleeping in past 6:30am they won’t be able to!!! It’s actually becoming one of my favorite times of the day as well [Although I always feel I haven’t had enough sleep…] I love sitting with them to have breakfast and listen to their little silly conversations & stunts. As the day goes on and afternoon arrives we are so tired… So I’ll take these crazy early mornings for now ?? and hold onto them as long my memory allows…

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The 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies


The 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies You Can Watch With Your Kids!

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Its one of those ironies of life: you spend your childhood wanting to be grown up, and your adult life wistfully wishing you could be a child again. The best movies about childhood capture that nostalgia, that time of wonder and scabby knees, when the world seemed bigger and more full of surprises. From dramas about kids who dared to be different to fantasies about embracing the unknown, here are some fun Thanksgiving films that will remind the whole family how great it was to be a child.

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My Life is chaos!

12196196_472785306226224_5251287029742413638_nMy Life is chaos! But a chaos that I would never trade for anything!!! I have been a victim of society and for a second I did believe that my life and professional dreams were done once I had my boys…. Well it is not true! They actually gave me a second chance to fight for what I want and without knowing I have become a better woman and mom! Because of them I am were I want to be… Building my own business, doing things that I love and working hard for a better life! I want my kids to know that they are my inspiration, my strength, my happiness … Not the end of me!

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Parenthood rocks!!! [Right?]

12227773_472150226289732_2780747184179284708_nIt’s all fun and games until they ACTUALLY break you. And you find yourself Sunday at 6am throwing the tiny dictators in the stroller, half dressed, un-fed, and walking to the nearest coffee shop [first customer.] to get some of that black CRACK into you– so that you can attempt to function like an acceptable member of society– while the kids are BREAKING.YOUR.BRAIN with their incessant chatter/demands/tantrums and general wails of noise “MAMI LOOK AT THIS!” No. It’s 5.45am. I don’t want to. I want you to play quietly. Eat your cereal. Or the table. I don’t care. I’m suppose to be sunbathing in the Greek Islands. #agendanewyork #nyc #momlife

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