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Agenda New York
illustration by Carla Gabaldon

A big HELLO and welcome to you all!

I am so excited to be introducing you to my new blog; I have wanted a space to share everything I love and this is the perfect spot. If you are like me and love reading posts about life as a real mother in New York, learning about local events, new venues for a night out in the city, yummy treats for the kids, or even a great new fitness class – then you are home! I hope that this page inspires you with some entertaining images, fun, amusing ideas, great bits of parenting information and so much more!

As a new blogger, I know that 2-4 posts a week is a little crazy – but if there is one thing you will learn about me is that I have so much to say I can hardly contain myself so be prepared to come along for the ride. I have always loved color and art and I promise you that this blog will be beautiful to look at. Promise you’ll join me in chatting about lifestyle, parenting, food, fitness and home.

agenda new york
This is my family!
Agenda New York
The Great Lawn in Central Park

I have always been very active on social media which is so much fun and through the blog will be even more so, so join in the fun and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share with your friends. I want to hear from every one of you – City Tips, Mom tips or tricks, lets share ideas and thoughts, blogs have such a fun community vibe and I hope that my blog becomes a hub for all things that are “Mommy Real”. I so look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you so let’s get to it.

Hasta Luego! Adios!

Carla xx



AGENDA NEW YORK welcomes inquiries from any business or individual catering to WOMEN and FAMILIES and is happy to provide her press kit and sponsorship rates upon request. Carla may be reached at

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