Today as I walked by Bryant Park and walked by tons of families, for some reason all I was able to notice was parents bickering with each-other and shifting responsibilities ? While one family was trying to figure out whose turn was to take their toddler to the bathroom and change dippers, another was trying to figure out whose turn was to push the stroller… Another mother was asking the husband to go buy water as he wore his newborn, while pushing the stroller with whFAMILIESISSUEat looked like a 5 year old and she was just standing there giving him orders. I also noticed another family were the husband was just completely oblivious that his wife was about to have a nervous breakdown….with all the kids screaming about something… as he stared into his phone! This goes on in my house all the time too!!! And I am sure in yours too!! The sad part is that it is about important things and silly things too and it creates so much tension!! Unnecessary Tension!! (specially around that time of the month, if you know what I mean?!?!) … Whose turn is to wake up early today? And whose turn to do the dishes?…Why is there so much dust on the TV screen?… Tonight is your turn to read a story!… Today is your turn to take them to the park!… Has anyone figure out a way to set expectations, responsibilities, and how to avoid this madness? Parenthood should not be so complicated!! It should make us stronger!!! Please share the wealth!! #agendanewyork #nycmom #mommybloger #mommyproblems


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