NYC MOM BOSS: Dayana Mendoza shares how she does it all

Dayana Mendoza

Last week I had the privilege to sit down and interview Dayana Mendoza. And ladies let me tell you, not only is  she a business owner, a super model, but also a Super Latina MOM BOSS.

How does she do it all?  Dayana lays it all down for us…

Share your experience being a mom in NYC

Life as a single mom IS NOT EASY, and in NY it takes a lot of planning. You also need to surround yourself with good friends and it is a constant battle to find balance and achieve self-discipline… I don’t even know how things happen sometimes.

Being a working mom in New York might seem hard, it is a constant hustle but finding HELP is key. Building


community around your family and surrounding yourself with good and positive people makes your life less complicated. I would love for my daughter to grow up closer to my family and to be able to enjoy her grandparents, aunts and uncles, but most live abroad. Having family far is the hardest thing but technology has brought us closer.

Believe it or not I don’t have this mother business into a science yet. I have learned to deal with the unexpected. Some days I find myself being super organized and getting out of the house a breeze and other days is just so much work. I try hard to keep my diaper bag light but somedays I over pack… no matter how much I try to keep it to a minimal, I feel like I am dragging a carry on everywhere. Plus, I also have a dog that comes along with us everywhere … so… every day is a different story …

I love how easy living in the city is for me, I grew up in one so I see no difference. I love being able to jump anywhere for a coffee, taking my kid to many different activities.  New York has so much culture and fun options, different parks, restaurants and meeting new kids everywhere is great! I feel lucky to be in New York City!


Dayana your daughter Eva is 18 months old now and you look more beautiful than ever!  How do you do it? 

I am working hard on not being so tough on myself. I think you need to value yourself more than you have done it so far. Take care of your mind and body. As a working mom, I know time is never enough, but in order to be good mothers we need to be good to ourselves first, and that involves nutrition, physical and mental strength. You feel beautiful when you have accomplished healthy habits every day, choose to think, act, and put inside your body everything that makes you feel better.

Tell us about your Company… 

So I have a phenomenal event planning company, Dayana Mendoza Events ! We cater all types of events, from weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, etc.

How did you start ?

Starting something from scratch is a lot of work. Many times you can’t do on your own. Don’t forget there is always people around you, helping you, supporting you and encouraging you to continue.

Dayana Mendoza Events, my company grew from the desire to give people real, honest, original and unique life experiences. My mission is to create memories they’ll wish to remember and cherish forever. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work at and attend many events worldwide, participated and was part of many important TV productions and I learned so much. Event planning comes naturally for me and I love doing it, and being able to offer unique memorable experiences to others seems so magical… so that is how the idea of my company started.

What’s Your MOM BOSS Secret?  How do you do it all… Mom, Super Model and Work ?

The secret is discipline, persistence, and self-love… and I dance every morning with my daughter and dog… to all kinds of music!! Music and dancing makes me smile…

The biggest challenge is to actually do it, and maintain it, once you feel better, there is no way back.



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