7 best places to dine during the Holidays

12376046_484946368343451_2841995658762293311_nLots of you have asked me if there are any good restaurants open on Christmas day or where to go during New Years! Don’t forget this is NYC and not just Chinese restaurants are open for Christmas. The city that never sleeps proves it yet again with a wide variety of restaurants that never seem to close — not even on December 24 and 25.We’ve rounded up the 7 best places to dine on Christmas Eve and/or Day, many of which offer feasts that rival the finest home-cooked meal.

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8 tricks to surviving the holidays without gaining weight or being grouchy

12274549_476600802511341_7104506313304358215_nAs the holidays are approaching I need to share this awesome 8 tips by Leslie Turnbull- ( I should use them more often…)

At its most basic level, food is fuel. That’s why so many competitive athletes eat a carefully calculated mix of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates designed to maximize performance.

At the other end of the epicurean spectrum lies the notion of food as exquisite sensual experience and important social construct. One has only to watch Babette’s Feast, the 1987 film based on a story by Isak Dinesen, to understand just how life-changing a wonderful meal, shared with others, can be — even if said meal is loaded with unhealthy fats, sugars, and other products of dubious environmental origin.

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The 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies


The 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies You Can Watch With Your Kids!

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Its one of those ironies of life: you spend your childhood wanting to be grown up, and your adult life wistfully wishing you could be a child again. The best movies about childhood capture that nostalgia, that time of wonder and scabby knees, when the world seemed bigger and more full of surprises. From dramas about kids who dared to be different to fantasies about embracing the unknown, here are some fun Thanksgiving films that will remind the whole family how great it was to be a child.

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My Life is chaos!

12196196_472785306226224_5251287029742413638_nMy Life is chaos! But a chaos that I would never trade for anything!!! I have been a victim of society and for a second I did believe that my life and professional dreams were done once I had my boys…. Well it is not true! They actually gave me a second chance to fight for what I want and without knowing I have become a better woman and mom! Because of them I am were I want to be… Building my own business, doing things that I love and working hard for a better life! I want my kids to know that they are my inspiration, my strength, my happiness … Not the end of me!

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Parenthood rocks!!! [Right?]

12227773_472150226289732_2780747184179284708_nIt’s all fun and games until they ACTUALLY break you. And you find yourself Sunday at 6am throwing the tiny dictators in the stroller, half dressed, un-fed, and walking to the nearest coffee shop [first customer.] to get some of that black CRACK into you– so that you can attempt to function like an acceptable member of society– while the kids are BREAKING.YOUR.BRAIN with their incessant chatter/demands/tantrums and general wails of noise “MAMI LOOK AT THIS!” No. It’s 5.45am. I don’t want to. I want you to play quietly. Eat your cereal. Or the table. I don’t care. I’m suppose to be sunbathing in the Greek Islands. #agendanewyork #nyc #momlife

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Boys … Boys.. Boys….

12187886_471337243037697_4405191604384716588_nYesterday was a Lovely relaxing day. AS PER USUAL. Someone said to me today [as my children were tearing up their room] “Wow you’ve got real BOY boys, haven’t you. I wonder if that’s nature or nurture?” JUST FYI. I DID NOT NURTURE THIS. THIS IS NOT MY FAULT. And also, I can’t IMAGINE my genetics had ANY bearing on this. It’s The Universe’s fault. You see, I put in an order for two lovely quiet girls, who would sing with me and wear tutus. We would read books, wear makeup, braid quietly with classical music in the background. My Instagram would be BEAUTIFUL– we’d make flower crowns, and I’d take photos of them gazing thoughtfully in forests. WHY AM I IN THIS SNOT-FART-POO-BUM-TRUCK FEST?! SURELY this isn’t my fault. Who can I possibly blame for this madness? Why isn’t the moon full? WHERE.IS.YOUR.FATHER! ????#agendanewyork #momlife #nyc

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Don’t forget to take care of you!

beuaty1En medio de la locura siempre es importante hacerse un cariñito!! Durante el verano nuestro cabello necesita que lo cuidemos del sol! Yani me esta haciendo un tratamiento de hidratación, que reduce el Frizz y ayuda a que el color de tu cabello sea más vivo!! Estoy súper emocionada Ya quiero Ver los resultados!!!

???? Life is Crazy, but It’s always important to find time to take Care Of yourself!! During the summer is very important to take care of your hair, so today I’m ta liking care of it!!! Yani is having me try a Frizz Reduction, color binding and hydration treatment!! Im so excited can wait to see the results!!! @yahihairstyle341?????

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