TINY CAFE by Zagat


Tiny Cafe

Zagat Tiny Cafe serves up mini foods cooked on teeny stoves…

The Astor Place pop-up, open from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, will feature a selection of local cuisines presented in less-than-bite-sized samples. The cafe is opening to celebrate Zagat’s “2017 New York City Restaurants Guide,” which ranks the top restaurants around the city, and the tiny bites pay homage to Zagat’s short reviews.

At Tiny Cafe we saw “crazy good” tiny versions of some of NYC’s “hottest” dishes. We got previews of Emily’s “smash hit” burger and “out-of-this-world” Luca pizza, the “outrageously good” adobado taco and Jacques Torres’ “famously delish” chocolate chip cookie; the “buzzy” pop-up is open for just three days, so “hit it before it’s gone.”

Foodies lined up for Zagat’s Tiny Cafe serving up miniature versions of some of NYC’s most popular restaurants. Catch a glimpse of the tiny bites for FREE before you head down to the corner of Astor Place and Cooper Square to taste the dishes for yourself. It was a super fun experience! Don’t miss out!

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Daniel Restaurant

Daniel Restaurant
Daniel’s Main Entrance

” Daniel will deliver magnificent food, artfully presented, graciously served in a most beautiful setting is what you can expect.”

As I was scrolling through my phone I found this awesome pictures of Daniel Restaurant from last December. Due to the holidays and hectic schedules I forgot share this amaizing experience.  I must say that Daniel is one of best dining experiences we have ever enjoyed. We arrived early and we had a great cocktail in the bar with incredible snacks. Once seated, we obviously chose the tasting menu with wine pairing. ( I have to tell you is not cheap, but so worth it). The service was incredible, denoted by perfection, knowledge and personality, often a trait that is overlooked. The food was of course out of this world, simply described as perfection, the sommelier was spot on with his pours and even better in his descriptions and reasoning.

The epitome of fine dining with a French flair is found at @danielboulud’s celebrated flagship, @restaurantdaniel.  Cheers to Master Chef Daniel Boulud on a true gem!

Daniel is a New French restaurant located at 60 East 65th Street (between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue), on the 

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El Libertador Restaurante Argentino

IMG_8032El LIBERTADOR- restaurante Argentino en el Upper East Side nos encantó! La parrilla mixta estubo excelente, el tinto de verano y las empanadas argentinas super recomendadas. ( 1725 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128)

??EL LIBERTADOR-Argentinean steakhouse. We tried their Mixed BBq platter and it was excellent, the Tinto de verano pitcher was superb and the empanadas super delish! It is a casual, fun, family friendly,contemporary space

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