WHITNEY MUSEUM: Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s…

Kenny Scharf (b. 1958). When the Worlds Collide, 1984. Oil and acrylic spray paint on canvas,

Hoy, Viernes 27 de Enero del 2017, el Museo Whitney abre sus puertas a los neoyorquinos, turistas y amantes del arte a la nueva exhibición Fast Forward: Pintura de la década de 1980.  Dicen que ofrecerá una experencia única, llena de obras modernas e intrépidas. Obras de Basquiat, Schnabel, y otros artistas que definieron una de las décadas más atractivas y artísticamente impresionantes de Nueva York. No te la pierdas la oportunidad de disfrutar este arte con tus amigos y familia!

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El Libertador Restaurante Argentino

IMG_8032El LIBERTADOR- restaurante Argentino en el Upper East Side nos encantó! La parrilla mixta estubo excelente, el tinto de verano y las empanadas argentinas super recomendadas. ( 1725 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128)

??EL LIBERTADOR-Argentinean steakhouse. We tried their Mixed BBq platter and it was excellent, the Tinto de verano pitcher was superb and the empanadas super delish! It is a casual, fun, family friendly,contemporary space

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Homenaje al cumpleaños de Cervantes


Amé ser parte de este proyecto…no se imaginan la gran emoción que sentí al verlo ya publicado!! Felicitaciones a la revista Española El Magacín por el homenaje a Cervantes, les quedo fenomenal!!! Y aplausos a los creadores y a los participantes por esta iniciativa mundial tan especial! ahora lo comparto con el resto del mundo!!

link:  http://www.elmagacin.com/homenaje-a-miguel-de-cervantes-y-a-el-quijote-400-aniversario/

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A fun summer day in the city


During the summer days a fun way to spend your afternoon with friends (with kids)  specially if they are visiting from out of town is to enjoy Central Park, and while at it pay a visit to the famous Victoria Gardens. This fun amusement park  is especially wonderful for younger children. Our group had 4-8yrs old kids and they had a total blast!  The rides are contained in a small enclosed space so you don’t have to worry about kids wandering off like at Coney Island, and there’s little walking between attractions. Most of the rides are gentle (a few have height requirements), and there aren’t any teens rushing through the crowd. Plus, you can’t beat the location at Wollman Rink in Central Park, just steps from the zoo, Heckscher Playground and the famous Central Park carousel. They also have a cash foodcourt and a couple fun food karts for the kids to snack on.

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I love Saturdays!

13001095_528200417351379_9000521569907611224_nI love Saturdays! Saturdays is my day off… Hubby takes the kids to do their boys stuff and I have list of stuff that I want to do… The gym, brunch with friends, reading a book, getting my nails done, visiting my favorite museum, Face Time my best friends and catching up… Even laundry… But instead I’m sitting here, in my silent living-room, sipping tea and feeling nostalgic & missing my boys… And then it hits me … I’ve been waiting for this day, this moment, all week long… Then, I realize this morning I just need some down time for me, from the running around, time off from commitments and kids activities… Time to decompress … Time for just me!! Don’t forget to take some time just for you!!! Happy Saturday everyone!!!

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Agenda New York’s 1st Easter Egg Hunt!

IMG_4797[1]Today’s Easter Egg Hunt ended up being a total success! Thanks to the amazing moms in our awesome community!! Everything worked out perfectly as each family brought at least dozen egg per kid, all filled with delicious chocolates, candy, toys and confetti! Everyone brought their favorite Easter snack and drinks to share. Although, today was our  “rain date” the turn around was great. We ended up doing  3 waves of children and we all had so much fun. After the hunt the kids just played all types of games while the adults were able to sit back and enjoy the wonderful afternoon!

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