The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Nicanor and Alejandro at the Temple of Dendur at the Sackler Wing

A fun Sunday at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of the great benefits of living in the city is that our children have over 90 of NYC’s best-loved museums, gardens, zoos and historic houses as their playground…

If you are planning a fun experience with the family, is too hot to walk outside, or even if you are suffering from cabin fever, taking our children to one of this cultural experiences is always a total hit!

Today, we chose the The Met Museum-

My children love going there and learning about ancient pyramids and mummies so we picked the Egypt Art exhibit to walk around for an hour or two.

Sometimes big museums can be overwhelming when you are visiting with children so we keep our visits short and sweet.  When we are there with the kids, we allow them to wonder and ask questions… We try to read the info tags so they can get some facts in about the exhibits and we can all learn. 

Our favorites… 

When we go to the Met they really enjoy the Arms & Amor Exhibit, they love the swords, the guns, and the tall knights. At the Egypt Art exhibit they usually enjoy talking about the mummies and the pyramids and at the Modern And Contemporary Art exhibits we usually talk about crazy colors and abstract sculpture. The boys latest favorite exhibit is The Old Ball Game where they can learn all about the New York baseball players from 1887–1977.

During the summer Roof Garden Bar features a selection of summer cocktails and killer views the New York City skyline from 5 to 8pm! The Met is a great way to spend a hot summer day!


The Met Fifth Avenue

1000 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10028

Phone: 212-535-7710


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