Tribeca Film Festival

tribecaTribeca Film Festival is now on in NYC! One of the most important film festivals of the world organized by the one and only Robert de Niro!

The Tribeca Film Festival is celebrating its 15th year in style. Yep, they’ve gone full quinceañera this year, inviting over 130 film directors, screening 101 films, 72 shorts, 23 virtual reality and interactive installations, and pulling out all the stops to make sure the 2016 Festival is like no other. It can be daunting, I know, to find out what to catch.

Which is why our friends at Remezcla have your back. They read through the entire guide and have singled out every Latino involved in the fest, in front and behind the camera. Brazilian directors, Dominican dancers, Mexican editors, Puerto Rican documentarians, Argentine soccer players… You’ll find them all, (and more!), accounted for below in this handy list of everything Latino at the festival.

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